Hellen Alum, a 43 years old feminist activist, and a resident of Atongtidi sub-county in Kwania district is adhering to policy, laws governing fishing, and negotiating with leaders for redress, upon receiving the training and capacity building by Village Synergy, Hellen says “I can speak up on issues affecting me, and other women…”


The violent interruptions to regulate fishing by the Uganda government in 2018 without preparation and transition of the inhabitants adversely affected women, and majority of women in Uganda lacks inclusion in the management, access to and control of the natural resources, most notably land, water, fisheries and forests. Village Synergy is a regenerative development and advocacy organization in Uganda, supporting women build confidence in championing and voicing out the injustices and inequality threats women face and also encouraging inclusive women’s participation

Juspin Akello a resident of Obutuwelo A’ Village, Lira City East is one among the youth supported by Village Synergy, in enabling and creating employment for the youth. After the entrepreneurship training and skill building, Juspin started her baking and chapati making business with start-up kits provided by Village Synergy. According to Juspin she is now able to pay her house rent promptly, buy food, educate her one child and also seek better health service as compared to before, and to-date Juspin trains youth to undertake baking business.

Youth unemployment in Uganda stands at a level between 64{ae5edbf7b53b33fc3d8ba75c4c7b6be48909e6a4d8736a2d9837f1ccef51c1a1} and 70{ae5edbf7b53b33fc3d8ba75c4c7b6be48909e6a4d8736a2d9837f1ccef51c1a1}, and 1.8 million people representing 25{ae5edbf7b53b33fc3d8ba75c4c7b6be48909e6a4d8736a2d9837f1ccef51c1a1} of Uganda’s population went back into poverty as reported by independent newspaper December 23, 2021. Village Synergy is a regenerative development and advocacy organization striving to contribute in bridging the gap in creating enabling environment for the youth to have jobs and employment in Uganda